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Water Safety and Medical Training for Super Yachts

Pro Guarding will send in a team of specialist water safety and medical staff to deliver a 3-4 day course. This course is specifically designed for crew on board super yachts.

In the super yacht industry all crew complete the STCW 95 as a compulsory course before being employed on-board. Utilising the skills your crew learn on this one day course we then take off and continue the training and learning along with refreshers to any medical level

With the courses covering both medical and water safety the crew will be put through a host of drills and scenarios both in the water and on-board the boat to make them confident in all medical emergencies. Pro Guarding will introduce new rescue equipment to your boat that will guarantee all round better safety to your crew and guest.

Our training also caters to your on-board specific medical gear and making sure all the crew are well versed and understand the use and techniques of the equipment and medications. For any owner, captain or management company who is proactive about safety on their yacht and would like the crew with more then basic skills in this area we recommend that they take part in one of these courses that Pro Guarding is offering.

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Super Yacht Training



Thanks for an exceptional service which has seen all my crew well versed in water rescue techniques along with fine tuning our onboard medical training and skills. The transformation I have witnessed within our deck team regarding water awareness and confidence is something I would have expected over many months not within a week. Thanks for a job well done.

Paul Migro
Captain – Yacht Step One

Services + Equipment

Pro Guarding is a unique service that boasts the skills and experience of professional lifeguards. These guys can cover a number of rolls ensuring safety for an array of events. The Pro Guarding team not only live and breathe the ocean, understanding the various environments well, but are highly trained in medical first aid, therefore doubling as medical attendants.

Here’s where we can help

Surfing contests

Pro Guarding lifeguards will come equipped with a Jet Ski to cover all water safety and crowd control. They will help set up the surfing area with buoys and oversee the safety of the competitors. The lifeguards will also come equipped with an array of medical equipment which will eliminate the need to hire a separate paramedic.

With this equipment they are able to handle any medical emergency that may arise.

TV commercials / documentaries / film sets

Due to their experience working on previous movies and documentaries, the guys have a sound understanding of working closely with cameramen and producers. They can double cameramen on Jet Skis in the surf getting them right in the thick of the action. They have experience doing this in treacherous conditions.

Using their Jet Ski skills they are skilled in towing surfers in to the big waves. As always they will provide water safety for any water scene.

Ocean swims & triathlons

Pro Guarding lifeguards will assist with the water safety that has already been hired. They will just add more value to the safety of the event.

They are also available to offer advice and help set up the event using their ocean experience to make sure the event will be run safely.

Private parties

The Pro Guarding team often provide water safety and first aid to a variety of parties and private functions.

Experienced in running kids parties with the ‘Bondi Rescue Team’ theme, these guys cannot only keep kids safe, they can entertained for hours. Surf education also offered.

Surf safety talks

Spreading the word about surf safety is an area that the Pro Guarding team feel very strongly about. Whether it be a safety talk to young kids or adults, these guys can help.

For schools, most kids love Bondi Rescue, so it makes for an engaging and attentive education session. The guys will organise a fun and educational day for them. Who knows, they may even meet their favourite Bondi Rescue lifeguard?


Pro Guarding will supply the following for any job that requires provisions. We’re equipped with…

  • Jet Skis
  • Oxy Viva
  • Defibrillator
  • Spinal board & neck collars
  • First aid suppliers
  • Pain relief.


What we do

Slaves to the sand and surf, the Pro Guarding team have 26 years of beach management and water safety experience between them – at Australia’s busiest beach, Bondi. With genuine Aussie spirit, these guys love to muck around, but when it comes to the safety of beach goers, which can involve up to 30,000 people at any time, it’s serious business. They’ve completed thousands of rescues, resuscitations, treated spinal injuries, and have both completed major and minor first aid injuries.


Advanced resuscitation
Senior first aid
Emergency Spinal Management
Analgesic Gases (pain relief)
Automatic External Defibulation

Meet the boys…

Kobi and Aaron both grew up surfing competitively, and together, have surfed some of the world’s most challenging waves. It was Hawaii that taught them the art of surfing big waves. This experience in surviving the big swell allowed Kobi to make the finals in the Oakley Big Wave Awards after surfing a giant wave in Pedra Blanca, Tasmania, on a Storm Surfers Documentary.

Kobi’s passion doesn’t just lie in the water, he has a great understanding of boats with not only years of experience working on and around them, he also holds a Yacht Masters Certificate, licensing him to operate large commercial vessels.

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  • The Grandmothers (Feature Film)

    Services: Water safety, camera man assistance (Jet Ski manoeuvring), first aid

    ” I (Dean Gould) was the Stunt Coordinator and Safety Supervisor on the feature film ‘The Grandmothers’ in early 2012. On that film, a Surfing Unit was employed for two weeks. It was required that the lead actors, film crew and surfing doubles be in demanding surf conditions. The guys from Pro Guarding were employed as the on-set Medical Team and the Water Safety Team. Their equipment never faulted (Jet Skis) and their water expertise was outstanding. I have worked in the film industry for over 20 years and I would have no hesitation in using and recommending the team from Pro Guarding. They definitely helped the crew to feel safe and cared for.” – Dean Gould (Dingo Stunts)



    • The Grandmothers
    • The Grandmothers
  • Storm Surfers (Documentary)

    Services: Water safety, camera man assistance (Jet Ski maneuvering)

    Storm Surfers is a documentary showcasing Tom Carrol and Ross Clarke-Jones chasing big waves around the world.

    “Storm Surfers have used the team from Pro Guarding for the last six seasons. I’ve taken these guys to the most extreme locations in the southern ocean and asked them to keep the Storm Surfers team safe and they’ve never let us down. Pro Guarding have a strict safety plan in place for each location we visit to ensure everyone comes back in one piece. I have no hesitations recommending them for any water safety or life-guarding position. The guys from Pro Guarding are some of the best watermen on the planet.” – Justin McMillan (Co-Director Storm Surfers)

    Check it out

    • Storm Surfers
    • Storm Surfers
    • Storm Surfers
    • Storm Surfers
  • Bondi Rescue (TV Series)

    Services: Lifeguards

    This reality TV Series, based on the Bondi professional lifeguards, featured the Pro Guarding team as they provided water safety on Sydney’s busiest beach. During this time the team gained valuable experience working alongside film crews and had a professional insight on how they operate.

    Check it out

    • Bondi Rescue
    • Bondi Rescue
    • Bondi Rescue
  • Red Bull Future Surf Camp (Experience)

    Services: Water safety, Medical attendant

    This surf camp, hosted by 2 x world surfing champion Mick Fanning, featured 12 of Australia’s hottest young surfers. The week-long road trip from Sydney to the Gold Coast required Pro Guarding to oversee the safety of all the talent both in the water and out.

    View video Check it out

    • Red Bull Future Surf Camp
    • Red Bull Future Surf Camp
    • Red Bull Future Surf Camp
  • Bondi Rescue Bali (TV Series)

    Services: Mentoring Balinese lifeguards, water safety

    Channel Ten’s hit show, Bondi Rescue Bali, follows Bondi’s finest lifeguards as they travel to Bali to patrol the five kilometre stretch of beach that is Kuta. Filmed over two months, the boys, and their Balinese counterparts, endure the heat, crowds and a new environment.

    “We got to mentor and work alongside the Balinese lifeguards during filming… we learnt new lifeguarding techniques from the Balinese lifeguards and gained a lot from working in a different beach environment.” – Aaron.

    Check it out

    • Bondi Rescue Bali
    • Bondi Rescue Bali
    • Bondi Rescue Bali
  • Outback Steak House (TV Commercial)

    Services: Assisting the stunt coordinator

    Filmed at Green Hills, Cronulla Beach, and Wattamolla Beach in the Royal National Park, the Pro Guarding team assisted the Stunt Co-ordinator, Harry Dakanalis, while providing water safety to all the stunt crew.

    • Outback Steak House
    • Outback Steak House
    • Outback Steak House
  • Bondi to Bronte Ocean Swim (Event)

    Services: Water safety

    This annual swim event hosted by Bronte Surf Club required the assistance of Waverley Council lifeguards to trail the swimmers from Bondi to Bronte and to oversee their safety. The Pro Guarding team have gained valuable experience working on a number these events throughout their lifeguarding careers. Being a lifeguard team leader at Bronte Beach, Aaron liaised closely with the swim coordinator, Steven Ford to ensure the event was held in the safest conditions possible.

    Check it out

    • Bondi to Bronte Ocean Swim
    • Bondi to Bronte Ocean Swim
  • Australian Open of Surfing (Event)

    Services: Water safety, medical attendant

    This large surfing event, held at Manly Beach, required the Pro Guarding team’s lifeguard experience to oversee the safety of all competitors and to ensure the competition area was clear of surfers and swimmers. They also doubled as medical attendants on the beach.

    Check it out

    Australian Open of Surfing

  • Boost Mobile Surfing Event (Event)

    Services: Water safety, towing competitors in to waves on Jet Ski, medical attendants

    This large surfing event, held at Bondi Beach, required the assistance of the professional lifeguards of Bondi Beach. The lifeguards, including the Pro Guarding team, were required to oversee the safety of competitors and to tow the competitors into waves. The team also doubled as medical attendants on the beach.

    Check it out

    • Boost Mobile Surfing Event
    • Boost Mobile Surfing Event
  • Redbull Cliff-Diving Event (Event)

    Services: Water safety of divers and spectators

    Located at the Hawkesbury River, NSW, the team’s role was to oversee the safety of the divers and spectators gathered both in the water and in their vessels.

    Check it out

    • Redbull Cliff-Diving Event
    • Redbull Cliff-Diving Event
  • Northern Tides (Documentary)

    Services: Water safety

    Pro Guarding was used in the making of the documentary “The Northern Tides”. Their main role was to oversee the safety of the four international professional wakeboarders while wakeboarding some of the world’s most treacherous terrain. A strategic safety plan was put in place to minimize the risk of the athletes coming into contact with deadly crocodiles.

    Check it out

    • Northern Tides
    • Northern Tides
    • Northern Tides
    • Northern Tides


Love Pro Guarding?

See what everyone is saying about them!

My Name is Rick Rifici and I have been a Water Cinematographer for over 25 years.

Throughout my career I have worked on multiple Productions, Feature Films and Documentaries.

Some current productions are “The Grandmothers” starring Naomi Watts and Robyn Wright Penn and “Storm Surfers” the documentary featuring Ross Clark Jones and Tom Carroll surfing 40 – 50 ft waves. I have worked with Pro Guarding on many productions, trusting my life in the hands of these Professional Watermen. The team at Pro Guard have pulled me out of some tricky and dangerous Surf conditions that most “Lifesavers” would not be trained, experienced or confident in dealing with. Pro Guard are full time professionals and are trained in all areas of Safety, Medical and Ocean knowledge learnt from years of experience.

Pro Guard will guarantee a safe working environment and ensure that no production is disrupted with any Safety negligence or Water Craft faults.

Rick Rifici A.C.S
Rick Rifici A.C.S
Rick Rifici

Aaron Graham from Pro Guarding was an invaluable asset to the production of ‘Family’. The film required actors to be out on the ocean for long periods, navigating both surfing and stunts. Aaron’s water knowledge and advice in preproduction and his extremely hardworking attitude during production contributed enormously to the smooth running of our shoot. He was highly professional, his gear (jetski) was of the highest standard and his skills as a lifeguard and paramedic really assisted the crew and actors in feeling safe out on the water. I would encourage anyone requiring water safety to utilise the Pro Guarding team – they will be a real investment in the success your shoot.

Katherine Slattery,
Producer, FAMILY


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