Our story…

Emanating from an observed need, amongst water-related events, for a streamlined safety system, Pro Guarding was established in 2012. Upon inception and as our ongoing core principles, we aim to deliver an elite level of safety planning, facilitation and execution for our diversity of clients, both big and small.

We support an integrated service, composed of an accomplished risk assessor, medical professionals and dedicated watermen who are individually endowed with the topmost level of proficiency and amalgamate to form our all-encompassing Pro Guarding team.

Pro Guarding provides a specialised system of event-specific risk assessment which is incorporated with an array of safety provisions to meet the hazard reduction obligations of your business.


It was reassuring to know we were in very capable hands & were confident in heeding their advice when necessary & working together for a successful shoot.
— Celia Tulevski - Production Manager Westpac TVC