Pro Guarding will send in a team of specialist water safety and medical staff to deliver a 3-4 day course. This course is specifically designed for crew on board super yachts.

In the super yacht industry all crew complete the STCW 95 as a compulsory course before being employed on-board. Utilising the skills your crew learn on this one day course we then take off and continue the training and learning along with refreshers to any medical level

With the courses covering both medical and water safety the crew will be put through a host of drills and scenarios both in the water and on-board the boat to make them confident in all medical emergencies. Pro Guarding will introduce new rescue equipment to your boat that will guarantee all round better safety to your crew and guest.

Our training also caters to your on-board specific medical gear and making sure all the crew are well versed and understand the use and techniques of the equipment and medications. For any owner, captain or management company who is proactive about safety on their yacht and would like the crew with more then basic skills in this area we recommend that they take part in one of these courses that Pro Guarding is offering.