Our Approach…

Pro Guarding recognises that water safety requirements are unique to each client, environment and situation. The effective delivery of water safety services requires an in-depth understanding of specific operational risks. To ensure these risks are appropriately managed Pro Guarding adopts a strategic yet practical approach to risk management, risk assessment and water safety management planning.

Pro Guarding’s approach to assessment and management of operational risk is consistent with the seven key steps in managing risk as defined in AS/NZS ISO 31000-2009 Risk Management - Principles and Guidelines – as detailed below:


Operational Risk Assessment…

Pro Guarding’s operational risk assessment is undertaken through the facilitation of a Risk Assessment Workshop, ideally attended by client nominated operational risk stakeholders. Through this process:

  • operational risks are identified, analysed and evaluated

  • risk owners, with single point accountability, are identified and nominated

  • risk treatments/controls are identified and established

  • risks and controls for inclusion in an event/service specific Water Safety Management Plan (WSMP) are identified

  • primary water safety resourcing requirements are identified

  • an event/client specific operational risk register is developed.


Water Safety Management Planning and Implementation…

An event specific WSMP is developed upon completion of the operational risk assessment. In addition to describing risk controls, the WSMP will, as a minimum, define the water safety:

  • scope

  • personnel roles and responsibilities

  • resources

  • operational area controls

  • training and competency

  • communication

  • personnel recovery, rescue and emergency response

A WSMP captures all aspects of water safety management requirements and is a key communication tool to be issued to Pro Guarding water safety personnel and shared with all event key stakeholders. Importantly, the WSMP documents the risk controls required to effectively mitigate operational risks.

Risk Monitoring and Review…

Upon completion of delivery of water safety management services, Pro Guarding undertake a review of WSMP implementation and risk control effectiveness. This is undertaken in direct consultation with event key stakeholders and the results of this review are shared with Pro Guarding clients.