Behind the Scenes Safety Facilitation and Assessment…

Pro Guarding comes from a strong behind-the-scenes screen context, with many of our senior team members being involved with the filming of the television program Bondi Rescue over numerous years. Alongside a growing list of production clients, this workplace experience with producers, camera men and stunt coordinators has provided us with a working knowledge and understanding of the expectations and requirements of filming with and around water.

Utilising Pro Guarding’s rigorous risk assessment and management regime allows us to assess and advise on environmental & water condition and safe operations for the duration of production, while providing on-shoot water safety and qualified medical support. In addition to our water safety and first aid provisions, we have a skilled capacity to manoeuvre jet skis in order to double cameramen and facilitate capturing those elusive angles.

“Its not often you get to work with a team of water safety officers that have dedicated their entire careers to keeping people alive in the ocean. The guys at Pro Guard have a intuition that prevents accidents before they occur which makes it easy for production to get on with the job. I’d recommend them for any film production or event that has anything to do with water.”
— Justin McMillan - Director

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