Storm Surfers Documentary

Storm Surfers is a documentary that was filmed over a duration of 5 years which showcased big wave legends Tom Carroll and Ross Clarke-Jones chasing huge ocean swells all around the world. Proguarding took on a considerable challenge and delivered in keeping everyone involved in the production safe from the dangers of the huge waves and also the extreme weather situations that were encountered along the way.


“Storm Surfers have used the team from Pro Guarding for the last six seasons. I’ve taken these guys to the most extreme locations in the southern ocean and asked them to keep the Storm Surfers team safe and they’ve never let us down. Pro Guarding have a strict safety plan in place for each location we visit to ensure everyone comes back in one piece. I have no hesitations recommending them for any water safety or life-guarding position. The guys from Pro Guarding are some of the best watermen on the planet.” – Justin McMillan (Co-Director Storm Surfers)